the agents list

Below is a list of artists and their agents, agencies, managers and other representatives, all not affiliated with Bill Hammons.

Bill’s List got started with the idea of being a resource for writers and other artists seeking the representatives who represented artists like themselves (seeking reps with an eye on landing those same reps for their own work), and, once Bill started to hear from blue-chip agents eager to enhance their listing on Bill’s List, Bill knew he was on to something…

For an example of how this works, google “jeremy irons agent” (with or without quotes), and you should see in the search results a page from the old site which hasn’t been updated in years and years. Now imagine how this new, snazzy site will do in search results…

  1. Christian Carino @ CAA

  2. Jennifer Rudolph Walsh @ WME

    • Brené Brown

    • Arianna Huffington

    • James Patterson (formerly)

    • Sheryl Sandberg

    • Dani Shapiro

  3. Irving Azoff @ Full Stop Management

    • The Eagles

    • Bon Jovi

    • John Mayer

  4. Adam Levine, Adam Harrison, Irving Azoff @ Career Artist Management

    • Maroon 5

  5. Bob Barnett @ Williams and Connolly

    • Ben Bernanke

    • Benazir Bhutto

    • Tony Blair

    • George W. Bush

    • Laura Bush

    • Chales, Prince of Wales

    • Dick Cheney

    • Bill Clinton

    • Hillary Rodham Clinton

    • Katharine Graham

    • Alan Greenspan

    • Mary Higgins Clark

    • Khaled Hosseini

    • Phil Knight

    • Mitch McConnell

    • Queen Noor

    • Barack Obama

    • Michelle Obama

    • Sarah Palin

    • James Patterson (formerly)

    • Tim Russert

    • Paul Ryan

    • Barbra Streisand

    • Jake Tapper

    • Bill Walton

    • Jack Welch

    • Bob Woodward

  6. Richard Pine @ Inkwell Management